One day Berlin was covered in snow. Softening the city noise. drinking tea, dimming down the lights, I recorded this drift of tracks I heard from our community across the world. Makossa liked it, and the mix got broadcast on radio FM 4, Vienna. Artwork created by De la Stella

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new merch

nupacific_metal_tube_necklace_ web _2

Take a deep breathe. Most people don’t know this, but I have created my own merch.

My first fashion accessory is a unisex necklace called ‘work song’. I hope you enjoy wearing these Nupacific necklaces as much I enjoy making them. Jump over to Bandcamp to order. Okay, you can breathe again.

‘by sea’ nupacific edit

I love Mike Nock since I first encountered his recording ‘Sweet Surrender’ during my work at Eastside Radio in Sydney in 2001. His music taught me it can be tough out there creating music. It’s easy to get obsessed, to lock yourself inside like a hermit trying to improve your craft. Yet ebb and flow is key – which is why we’ve got to let go sometimes. Thanks Mike!

debut album ‘home’


Hey all,

here’s my debut album. I have followed my heart from Germany to the Southern hemisphere and back, and it has been a beautiful process of building trust with myself, as a music creator.

For a few years, my family and I lived in a pretty remote coastal village north of Auckland. We drank, showered and cooked with rain water. We enjoyed panoramic sea views, and we could hear the ocean waves rolling at night.

I was deeply inspired by this experience in New Zealand, an island far away from the country I was born. I felt compelled to create these tracks. They felt from the source.

Many immigrants search for a home nowadays. My heart is with them, today more than when I was young. On my journey, I was lonely often, and I learned to appreciate home not as a principle or a postcode, but rather as a transient cosmic feeling of togetherness. Like when someone invited me into the kitchen for a cuppa, or raised an eyebrow.


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common goods

Good morning from a misty city street in Berlin. Gentle winter sun sweeping the day into being.

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01. merrin karras – the veldt
02. max cooper – origins (david august remix)
03. impellizzeri – gelatine (mendo colored remix)
04. lake people – glease 29
05. neil flynn – louise
06. matthew dekay – patience please (fuer die liebe mix)
07. matthew dekay – patience please
08. kaito – behind my life (michael mayer remix)
09. mk & lee foss – electricity (carl craig remix)
10. sailor and I – turn around (ame remix)
11. henrik schwarz – unknown touch two
12. bonobo – cirrus
13. ry x – sweat
14. rufus dipper – life in a day