curl curl

… is a long-term research endeavor by Philipp Bruckmeier: Through a practice of music making and collective care, Curl Curl engages in the articulation of narratives of empowerment by deep New Zealand and Australian artists and European remixers. The label is home to works and contributions by Opensouls, Simon Flower, Deepchild, Andi Numan, James Martin, Philippa, Amphibian, Bennson, Shortboard, Phil Brökelmann, Nupacific; and remixes by Marlow, Daniel Stefanik, Piet Plat, Colourblind, Ben Mono, Pikaya, Zimpala, Shahrokh, Simon Beeston, Dan Drastic and Luna City Express.

Listen to Curl Curl on Spotify


delastella x nupacific 'mahana' from nupacific on Vimeo.

nupacific – new sway from nupacific on Vimeo.


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