curl curl

Electronic music label, founded in 2004 by Philipp Bruckmeier (born Brökelmann) & André Quaas.

Curl Curl Music tells musical tales about the joy familiar strangers bring to the dancefloor, primarily told by New Zealand and Australian artists and European remixers. Grown up in Germany, Philipp worked in New Zealand and Australia for 12 years.


Releases don’t happen often. To date Curl Curl released tracks by Deepchild, Opensouls, Andi Numan, Simon Flower, Amphibian, Bennson, Philippa and James Martin, and remixes by European producers like Marlow, Daniel Stefanik, Piet Plat, Colourblind, Ben Mono, Pikaya, Shahrokh, Dan Drastic and Luna City Express.

A few years ago André Quaas left the label to focus on his other projects (such as Moon Harbour Recordings and Times Artists Bookings) and nowadays Philipp runs the labels on his own.

The odd label showcases took place over the years, too, i.e. at Robert Johnson.

See you on the dance floor..


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