Chasing a Forgotten Dream

I hope you’re having a good week thus far. I’m having a new piece of electronic music for you. “Chasing A Forgotten Dream” is out today. Thanks for being with me on this journey! 👋


Fracture I ☀️ 📚

Lofi hip hop meets indie techno.

Some time back my daughter challenged me to create a lofi inspired piece. You know, the ones to listen to when studying or when you want to get work done. Here’s my take on this chill movement and I hope you like to listen to it just as much as I do when wanting to be productive 😀

My daughter also designed the cover artwork, inspired by spring and new beginnings.

⚡️ I Believe In You ⚡️

DESAMPA is a cool cat. He’s a New York-based electronic music artist from São Paulo who moonlights as opera singer. His R&B-tinged voice and bittersweet piano chords touched me. I’m humbled he allowed me to remix his track “Foregone”.

“Quality vibes!” – Makossa (G-Stone, FM 4)
“Nice Job.” – Shahrokh (Compost Records)

wooden floor

Dancing on a rugged wooden floor is not always the easiest practice. Moving away from the often-indulgent flat concrete surface is challenging. But it’s the direction that improves things over the long run. Here’s a current dj chart on Beatport from my modern-day workshop. Move onto the floor. Dance. Shout. Be Yourself.

And if you are in Berlin, come out to my next gig. We’re stronger together.