playing out

In time where house music shifted away from locations to streams it’s rare to get the opportunity to play out from 4-8pm at Mein Haus am See. I’m humbled and excited to share electronic music from Melbourne to Auckland to Rome and Berlin. Put on your mask and enjoy the journey.

lovebirds remixes 💥

Originally released in 2014 “Lovebirds” by Melbourne-based James Martin is long-standing secret weapon. Now it received a remix treatment by Dan Morgan from Napier and also from myself in Berlin. Dan Morgan adds a touch of tech-house, and I get lost in time.

Fracture I ☀️ 📚

Lofi hip hop meets indie techno.

Some time back my daughter challenged me to create a lofi inspired piece. You know, the ones to listen to when studying or when you want to get work done. Here’s my take on this chill movement and I hope you like to listen to it just as much as I do when wanting to be productive 😀

My daughter also designed the cover artwork, inspired by spring and new beginnings.

⚡️ I Believe In You ⚡️

DESAMPA is a cool cat. He’s a New York-based electronic music artist from São Paulo who moonlights as opera singer. His R&B-tinged voice and bittersweet piano chords touched me. I’m humbled he allowed me to remix his track “Foregone”.

“Quality vibes!” – Makossa (G-Stone, FM 4)
“Nice Job.” – Shahrokh (Compost Records)

wooden floor

Dancing on a rugged wooden floor is not always the easiest practice. Moving away from the often-indulgent flat concrete surface is challenging. But it’s the direction that improves things over the long run. Here’s a current dj chart on Beatport from my modern-day workshop. Move onto the floor. Dance. Shout. Be Yourself.

And if you are in Berlin, come out to my next gig. We’re stronger together.